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Important information: Custodians may charge transaction fees on purchases or sales of certain mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. These transaction charges are usually small and incidental to the purchase or sale of a security for one-time purchases, but can be significant for ongoing transactions. A fund's share class and transaction fee status, etc. must be taken into account to determine the best avenue to select for investment. The loads for Class A shares are waived by Fidelity Investments; however, each Class A share has a 12b-1 fee (that Fidelity keeps), which causes the expense ratio to be higher than another share class for the same fund. However, the same fund in a different share class may have a transaction fee associated with it (e.g., $20) for each purchase, but a lower expense ratio. For ongoing transactions, it may, under certain circumstances, be less expensive to purchase a Class A share (waived load), and subsequently convert to a different share class with a lower expense ratio once a certain value in Class A shares is reached. To that end, the purchase of mutual fund class shares with a higher expense ratio, like a Class A share, may be utilized to avoid having the client incur a transaction fee in a lower expense share classes. However, not converting Class A shares into another share class that does not have 12b-1 fees once a certain value is reached, could result in higher overall and reoccurring expenses due to the higher expense ratio.

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